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Our software is copyright and title always remains with us. You buy a licence to use the software either or a permanent or rolling monthly basis. If it's a permanent basis then you will have an invoice that states this. Note that you are only entitled to the latest updates of software if you either have a support contract or it's on a rolling monthly basis.

Please note that the unauthorised distribution, alteration or reverse engineering of our software is illegal. If you are aware of any such actions then please report such use to the Federation Against Software Theft.

Always read the installation notes that come with the program and those at the bottom of this page as nearly all the problems we encounter are from installations where these are not read. Please note that these are Windows executables and must be installed to the local disk drive, usually the local C: drive. Although the data can be anywhere you should not try to install the executable on a mapped drive as the results will be unpredictable.

Please note that ALL our programs are digitally signed with a Comodo SHA2 Code Signing certificate. This is for your protection against corruption, third-party tampering and viruses. If at any time you get a warning message during installation then STOP and report it to us immediately. We only distribute our software from this site and not through any third party (no matter what claims are made).

So if you ever see this then contact us immediately and do not proceed -

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