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Welcome to our web site.
Dia duit. Fáilte go dtí ár láithreán gréasáin.
Bienvenue à notre emplacement.
Willkommen zu unserem Aufstellungsort.
Benvenuto al nostro luogo.
Boa vinda a nosso local.
Recepción a nuestro sitio.

The web site has been produced using RapidWeaver on the Mac with some Java applets and Javascript add-ins.

While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy of this site, if you spot something that is out of place, misleading or broken then please contact us.

Please observe all copyright and patents.

ZiPZAP Computers Limited supports the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities. If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in any ZiPZAP software, we ask that this first be reported to to allow time for vulnerabilities to be fixed before details are published.
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