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Suppliers of third party goods and services

We are deluged with companies wishing to supply us with a wide range of services. On an average day we receive four calls from businesses who want to supply us with landlines, broadband and mobile phones. A common theme is that they often say that they are BT when they are actually an agent of BT.

We receive at least two emails a day from recruitment companies from different parts of the country.

We receive numerous emails from businesses in third world countries offering to do our programming work but at cheaper rates.

In addition we are plagued with callers who begin their call mentioning the police or fire service and it turns out that they are selling advertising for a calendar.

This practice potentially causes us to miss great opportunities, goods and services from the few providing worthwhile items.

If you wish to attempt to sell us unsolicited items, services or proposals then you should either :-

  • Send an email to with full details
  • Write to Dave Catchup at ZiPZAP Computers Limited, Commerce House, 2 Carlton Boulevard, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln LN2 4WJ.

You should keep in mind that we will not place or agree any orders verbally to callers on the phone.

We issue purchase orders for items that we want from bona fide suppliers.
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