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TPN Lite

The TPN Lite Implant software is commercial client software for customers of The Pallet Network depots in Ireland. It can be downloaded from our Downloads page. It is not freeware or shareware. It should only be downloaded from our web site as no-one else has distribution rights.

The program is very easy to set up and use, most problems that are experienced are either :-

1. Inability to connect to the TPN FTP site via standard FTP calls
2. Printer label issues

If you cannot get data via FTP then try running this page on the Gibson Research Corporation website - - by clicking on the PROBE button it will advise you if you can communicate via FTP on port 21. If this is blocked or on a proxy then you will need to speak to a technical person on-site. Please read the FTP log as this will tell you exactly what is wrong.

Instructions on resolving label problems can be found on the Zebra printers help page. Please follow the setup/loading instructions which are available as a document on the Downloads page for a hassle-free installation. You must remember to set the labels for 4 x 8 inches but this is not the default size.

Please pay particular attention to the Start Number which appears in Parameters. Start the numbers in a range that is unlikely to clash with another implant belonging to the depot. The same number being used on different days is fine.

Owing to the very low cost of this software all support requests should normally be made through the local TPN depot to keep costs down or if you cannot get a solution then email If the depot wishes that we speak directly with the end-user then we reserve the right to make a charge for this at our standard rates.

Program 'bugs' can be reported on our Portal [HERE]
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