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TPN Invoicing and TPN SOAP WEB

The Invoicing program is not being supplied to new users.

This program is only available to existing customers and we have produced a final version. In installing this program you must understand and agree that this program is NOT FREEWARE OR SHAREWARE and is not circulated under the GPL. Only customers who have purchased the program from us are entitled to install and run the update.

We would like to continue to develop the program but the low cost means that the numerous operational changes within TPN UK require regular and repeated program updates, these make it difficult for us to keep it a cost effective product. We supply other larger products that continue to be available.

All support for this product is with us. Please note that you should have an up to date support contract to obtain such support.

You can register for support [HERE]

All support for this product is during normal office hours. Like insurance, our support agreement requires that you pay for the service on or before the start date. The program will happily work outside the TPN network and is not restricted to that system. It just has a feature of being able to import data directly from TPN. Registration gives basic support but more importantly, updates to the TPN SOAP Web program which downloads the data.

Requests for support should be made via email to or by completing the help request which is accessible by the button on the Home page. New topics that arise will be anonymously posted on the bulletin board so that they can be used for reference by all users.

Like most of our programs, TPN Invoicing does not require much support. In the few calls that we get nearly all could have been easily resolved by retaining a regular backup. Like all invoicing systems you should take backups on a regular basis and certainly before reading in large amounts of data. Restoring a backup is far quicker and easier than reversing postings.

Please ensure that you read the manual as historically nearly all the calls we get are because it is not being read. The latest manual is available as a Word document [HERE]

It is important that if you are installing on Windows 7, 8 or 10 that you understand the tighter security that these operating systems use, especially with shared data. It is recommended that you do not install the program in the ‘Program Files’ or ‘Program Files(X86)’ directories but in C:\TPNINVG if possible to avoid these problems.


This program is NOT FREEWARE OR SHAREWARE and should only be used by customers who have registered. Future versions of this program will only be available to registered users.

Help Documents

How to recreate the Sage posting file - [PDF]
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