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Support Documents

1. Operating Manual - [PDF]
2. Getting your logo on the main screen and on your paperwork - [PDF]
3. Setting up TPN Generic Pricing - [PDF]
4. Setting up TPN Individual Customer Pricing - [PDF]
5. Using Postcode addressing (inc PostcodeAnywhere) - [PDF]
6. TPN Live SOAP login error during consignment entry - [PDF]
7. Sage 2010+ altering Sage import format to trans.csv style - [PDF]
8. Setting up Loadmaster for TPN Live - [PDF]
9. Quick solution to Access Denied message in Local.DAT following update - [PDF]
10 Quick install help - [PDF]
11. Setup/Update Guide - [PDF]

Support Videos

These may take a little time to download

1. Logging in (62MB) - [AVI]
2. Pricing Zones (65MB) - [AVI]
3. Default Pricing (210MB) - [AVI]
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