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You buy a licence to use our programs either outright or on a month by month basis. If you choose to use the month by month option then support and updates are included in the package. If you buy outright then you will receive updates and support for a specified period of time and after this period you will need to buy a support contract to continue to receive updates and support. If you let this expire then there may be a 'rejoin' fee and there may be a time delay while waiting for payment to clear. Note that the cost of the software does not include a site visit, installation, setting up networks etc.

In general, support means help and assistance by telephone and email relating to a purchased product for sites with up to 5 users. It also includes updates to the latest version. Support does not include site visits. It also does not cover resolving issues with other third-party products, these would be subject to negotiation and an additional charge.

A higher level of support for larger sites can be arranged for sites with over 5 users and under 25.

Sites with over 25 users are subject to an individual quotation.

Site visits

  • We can perform much of our work over the internet without the need to visit your site. We do this using Remote Desktop software.
  • Where you ask for a site visit then you should keep in mind that there will be a charge for this.
  • The cost will be £100.00 plus VAT per hour (including travelling time). We also charge 45p per mile travelling and where a flight is needed then this will also be charged.
  • You must comply with all Health and Safety requirements and it is not expected that a working day exceeds 8 hours without prior negotiation.

Preferred sequence for calls both in and out of office hours

  • Email :
  • Telephone 1 : +44(0)1158-882830
  • Telephone 2 : +44(0)7803-758658
  • Support form : Link on the front page of this web site
  • Telephone : +44(0)1522-846917 Admin only (but will take a message)
Please note that like many other companies we get inundated by spam callers. Please do not withhold your number as you get 'blacklisted' straight away and it is likely that you will not get answered.

If you do not have a current support contract and you continue to use our products without such cover then you potentially put your own business and that of your customers at risk. Do not make the mistake that software which has worked perfectly for years will continue to do so ad infinitum. Do not assume that we will come to your rescue if you continue to use our products when they have been superseded by later versions. We support the current versions only for obvious reasons.

Buy a support contract for peace of mind.

Remember that to receive support you must have an up to date support contract. Support contracts are per site based. The level of support depends upon the program and the support level required. Without such a contract, if you have issues or problems then we can give no guarantees of helping you. We deliberately maintain everyone on the current version of our programs. If you do not hold a current support contract then you are not entitled to current and future updates. Customers with support contracts will always receive our top priority.

We do have a reputation for providing a high level of support and pulling the occasional 'miracle' out of the bag but we cannot do our part unless you do yours. If you have a problem then we need to know as much as possible to resolve it, especially if you need it turning around quickly. When dealing with reported support issues we assume that you advise us of the full circumstances and can give exact examples. You must have read any program manuals that we supply to perform basis tasks as we may refer to these. We will also assume that your Windows operating system is on the latest service packs, that you have appropriate anti-virus software installed and where hardware is involved that you have consulted the original supplier first.

Unfortunately over 90% of the problems that we deal with could have been resolved by having a recent backup.

We are not a repository for resolving problems due to other third-parties failing to give proper support nor are we a solution to a customer failing to maintain an adequate backup system. In the past we have been contacted for support by customers who have purchased software from parallel suppliers to ourselves and then find they cannot get proper answers.

We do ask that wherever possible support is sought during normal office hours. Our normal office hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday. We do not open on UK Public Holidays. Note that support is not usually available on weekends or Public Holidays except in extreme emergencies.

We will not support Windows-based programs on platforms earlier than Windows 7 except in an emergency. Windows 7 went into the Microsoft 'grace period' on the 30th November 2013 and is now on paid-only support from the 15th January 2015. If you haven't paid Microsoft for this then you haven't got any support.

In a commercial environment you should be running our programs on a minimum of Windows 10, 2GB RAM and a dual core processor.

Program issues or 'bugs' can be reported 24/7 [HERE]

Always plan ahead and ensure that you have a proper backup procedure, where this information is critical to your business then you need to backup at least once a day. You should consider using an Uninterruptible Power Supply on any vital computer and router that you use if you cannot afford any down time.

Remote Support

Click on the Remote Support link when asked by our support staff.

Support Agreements

Please note that, like insurance, you should pay for support on or before the start date. Support agreements are not a replacement for a backup. Please do not leave urgent support requests on our office answering machine. During Out of Hours use our online help form as it will get the quickest response.

Levels of monthly support :-

  • Platinum level support - price by negotiation and aimed at bespoke projects.
  • Gold level support - £300 per plus VAT per month. Aimed at multi-user sites between 10 - 25 users running complex non-bespoke programs.
  • Silver level support - £150.00 plus VAT per month. Aimed at multi-user sites up to 10 users running non-bespoke programs.
  • Bronze level support - £50.00 plus VAT per month. Aimed at small sites with less than 5 users using non-bespoke programs.
  • Small program support - £25.00 plus VAT per month. Aimed at individual small programs e.g. implants, TPN Invoicing etc

Provisions -

  • Where a major fault occurs such that a business critical function is not operational and major user inconvenience is being caused then; between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday then ZiPZAP shall endeavour to respond within four hours; or
  • Where a fault occurs such that a function is not operational but a workaround is available and is causing significant user inconvenience then; between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, then ZiPZAP shall respond within one day; or
  • Where a fault occurs such that a non-critical function is not operational and is causing an inconvenient problem but is not causing significant user inconvenience then; between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, then ZiPZAP shall respond within three working days; or
  • Where a fault occurs such that a cosmetic or non-urgent problem is being caused, e.g. a field is in the wrong position then; between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday then ZiPZAP shall respond within five days.

TPN Invoicing Support

This covers all updates to the program for a year and a basic level of support which includes general guidance. However, it does not cover setting-up systems remotely, nor extended periods of working out how pricing should be entered when it can be deduced from the manual.


Outside the cover of these support contracts we will only respond at our discretion. One-off calls are chargeable at our standard rates in 1/2 hour units of £50.00 plus VAT per 1/2 hour unit.

Normal cover is from Monday to Friday and from 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT.

Other small program support

All our small programs have an initial free 3 month update and support package. After that we offer an update only with email support package with our small program support program. This does not cover contacting the end user, remote access etc which are all additionally chargeable.

Out of Hours support

Out of hours support is NOT part of any of our standard packages and is subject of additional fees. It is also subject to availability and is aimed at emergencies only.
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