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Copying is often a sign of flattery but we do not take the copying of our software lightly. We consider it a form of theft and just plain piracy. It includes copying and distributing our software or copying the ideas, designs and concepts in the form of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an act of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another without due and proper authorisation and representing that author's work as one's own. The unauthorised distribution, alteration or reverse engineering of our software is illegal.

The computer software that we produce and the associated databases are classified as “Literary works” under Section 3(1) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and therefore subject of copyright under English Law. Under the provisions of the Berne Convention, the software which we supply is non-exclusively licensed and neither it, portions of it or the original algorithm should be copied, replicated, modified, reverse engineered or derived. Software that we produced prior to the 1st January, 1993, is also covered as a result of Regulation 12 of The Copyright (Computer Programs) Regulations 1992.

Our database designs are protected for a period of 15 years under Intellectual Property regulations and 70 years as literary works.

We are becoming increasing annoyed by 'clones' of our software and we will hold commercial businesses, employees of such businesses and individuals who infringe such copyright individually, jointly and severally responsible as appropriate for such breach and we will actively pursue remedy through the Intellectual Property Office or English Court system. If you have been asked by a company to copy or amend our software then you should take proper advice before doing so as you may be personally culpable and not exempt from liability. If you are aware of any such transgressions then you can report these anonymously to the Federation Against Software Theft [FAST] and they will take the appropriate actions OR you can contact us directly and we will treat your information as confidential by emailing 

As a matter of history it is proven that it is cheaper to buy our software than get someone to copy and rewrite it. Ultimately the running costs of a cloned piece of software will be around four times the price we charge and take a lot longer to develop than first anticipated. You won't have the full source code which is likely to be far more complex than you originally anticipated.

Please note that all the software we write is downloadable from this site. We do not supply our programs to third-parties for sale, distribution or installation. All of our programs are digitally signed with a Comodo SHA2 Code Signing Certificate. Our ownership is clearly shown during installation. If you get a message about the certificate being corrupt or out of date then you should not install it and contact us for advice.

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It is not an infringement of copyright where a licensed user makes a backup copy of legally obtained software for the purposes of his/her lawful use.

Note that Evaluation versions are supplied with an understanding that the product should either be purchased or purged after 14 days from installation. Often evaluation versions will say UNLICENCED on the taskbar.

Don't be a pirate. Keep legal - always buy a licence. If you want to use our ideas and designs then negotiate their proper use.

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