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All sales are subject to our Terms and Conditions and are instantly available on our website as E-downloads.

Please note that all downloads will need an installation password and a numeric code from us. Note that none of our software is shareware or freeware unless specifically stated.

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Docutrak for document storage and retrieval

The Docutrak software for document and image storage/retrieval is now available.

See additional link for full details.

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Drive Connect

Reconnects mapped drives on a Windows network either on startup or when invoked. Works with all Windows versions. Prevents the nuisance of having to work out the mapping once disconnected. Really easy to use. Performs the same functionality as the NET USE command.


Install and run the program. You now have 5 seconds to click on the Alter button. Click on the Get button. Click on Save. All done.

The program will run on Startup automatically and reconnect your drive letters, or you can run it at any time that you want disconnected drives reconnecting.

£10.00 plus VAT per program.


We produce a number of android apps which are in the Android store.

See additional link for full details.

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Keep your passwords, credit card details etc safe from prying eyes. You select a code to open the data.

Supplied under the GNU public licence.

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Environment Lister

Gives you a dump of your Windows environment. This is a 64 bit executable version written in PureBasic.

Supplied under the GNU public licence.

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PatTest - Portable Appliance Testing recording program for Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

Newly produced. Stores the legal requirements for companies performing Portable Appliance Testing.

£50.00 plus VAT. Part of our 'continual update' program.

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Mailman - Mailing list manager for Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

Allows the storage of address data into distinct mailing lists. Data can be entered or imported then manipulated then produce mailing labels. Very easy operation. You can mix mailing lists and even filter output on postcodes. Prints to standard Avery 2 x 7 (98mm x 38mm) and 3 x 7 (63 x 38) mm standard labels.

£50.00 plus VAT.
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