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All sales are subject to our Terms and Conditions and are instantly available on our website as E-downloads.

Please note that all downloads will need an installation password and a numeric code from us. None of our software is shareware or freeware unless specifically stated. All our software is supplied on a licence basis.

We hold the intellectual copyright for all the programs here. These should not be obtained from any third party.

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Loadmaster Enterprise

A Windows based multi-user commercial Traffic Management System (TMS) with freight, haulage, parcels and pallets taken to a new level in a Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 2003 and 2008 compatible program. Dual currency.

See additional link for full details.

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(Version 2.35) Parcel/pallet depot software that works under most operating systems (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/2003 in the 32 bit environments) and networks (including mixes of these operating systems). This is DOS based product that is still in use today after 20 years. Rock stable. You can run it on a 64 bit platform using VDOS.

See additional link for full details.

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Originally designed as a backup for the National Courier Network overnight parcel delivery system, Microhub offers a startup parcel network a working hub system from day one which is designed to be easy to use and totally upgradeable. Can easily evolve with the user so that it can do more tasks. Built-in import/export and cross-depot invoicing. Tested with data exceeding 100,000 records per day.

This could be used as a fallback system for an existing network.


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Logistics Manager

A desktop application for sameday, courier and overnight parcel/pallet systems. Data is stored on an Internet accessible server and accessed from anywhere in the world using the app. Your customers use the same app to send you details of the work and can view the status of their freight in real time. The data is downloadable in CSV format for your own use.

A Logistics Manager Android app can be used 'in the field' to send and get data.

In addition to a Windows version, Logistics Manager is also produced in Java and is compatible with Linux 32/64 bit and Mac 64 bit.

This system could easily be used as a fallback system for a parcel/pallet network.

There is a monthly subscription for this service based on the number of accounts in use.

See additional link for details.

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Delivery Manager for Sameday, Parcel and Freight Deliveries

Software for handheld devices running Windows Mobile or CE. Links to Loadmaster Extreme and Sameday Express. Suitable for devices such as Symbol MC70, IPAQ etc which have a GPRS connection although it can be used with standard wi-fi. Holds details of deliveries and allows POD capture including signatures.

This is part of our Continual Update Program.

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Sameday Express

A Microsoft Windows based multi-user sameday and courier software program. In daily use at a number of sites.

See additional link for full details.

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UK Mail/Business Post Implant for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac and Linux.

A well tried program which has been operating successfully for several years. Captures consignment data and uploads data to either a local depot or the main server.

Recently updated for 2D barcode production.

New version written in Java and available for Apple Mac and Linux 32/64 bit.

See additional link for details.

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